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Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Solar Thermal Water Heaters
Vista Eco Certificate
Vista Eco Certificate

A solar water heater, heats water using solar energy, a collector, often fastened to a roof or a wall facing the sun, heats a working fluid that is either pumped (active system) or driven by natural convection (passive system) through it.

Why Our Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Certified by Solar Keymark, approved by Dubai Central Laboratories (DCLD), Estidama and Abu Dhabi Quality Conformity Council (AD QCC)
  • Reliable quality systems for residential and commercial use
  • Collectors can be mounted on roof or integrated into building façade works and can be customized in shape, size and color
  • Innovative fasteners and mounting system forefficient space use and authentic architecture of the building
  • Innovative fasteners and mounting system for efficient space use and authentic architecture of the building
  • Storage tanks offered in steel with vitreous enameling or Stainless steel AISA 316
  • Storage tanks are CFC-free PU rigid foam capable of providing hot water, even at night or during the days when the sun is not shining
  • Storage tanks are equipped with back-up electric heaters
  • Full service including; engineering and planning, supply, installation and maintenance

Technical Data:

  • Flat collectors – tecSol & sunnySol UP-V&H
  • Vacuum tube collectors
  • vacuTube 65/20 & 30
  • Storage tanks
  • Enameled steel and 316 Stainless steel storage tank
  • Expansion tank
  • Pump and controller
  • Plate heat Exchanger
  • Accessories and fittings
  • Mounting frames and/or façade fasteners
  • Thermosiphon ready to install in 150, 200, 260, 300, 380 Liters

Solar Thermal for Residential, Commercial and Swimming Pool water heating system

Our Forced Circulation and Thermosiphon solar water heating system are well engineered to fulfil high demands of hot water for residential and commercial use. The system can be offered with different design options combined with fresh water, plate heat exchanger, backup boilers, buffer storage tank and control station to serve wide range of multi-unit and high rise buildings, swimming pools, commercial and industrial applications.

Our solar thermal water heating system is eco friendly and cost effective for residential, hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and sport facilities.

Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Forced Circulation system

Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Thermosiphon system

Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Pool Water Heating

Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Industrial heating system