Welcome To Vista Eco Solutions

Vista Eco Solutions offers energy efficient and water management solutions through various quality solar products to residential and commercial customers.

Vista Eco Solutions provides the latest technologies in solar thermal water and pool heating, solar energy photovoltaic, wind energy systems, LED, and solar street lighting.

Shams Dubai by DEWA - Rooftop Solar Program

Your source of Renewable Energy

Vista Eco Solutions is the authorized distributor in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Oman of solar PV systems by Suntech Power and SolarWorld AG, and solar water heating systems by Gasokol GmbH. Vista Eco provides the stat-of-the-art solar products and highest quality of full service to customers including; planning, design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Vista Eco - Greenm Sustainable an Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Vista Eco provides forced circulation, thermosiphon, and pool heating systems certified by Dubai Municipality, Estidama and AD QCC.

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Solar PV Energy System

Vista Eco provides turnkey solar PV on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid systems. Vista Eco is a certified DEWA DRRG contractor.

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LED Street Lighting

Vista Eco provides a variety of energy saving LED and solar street lighting available for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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Wind Turbine

Vista Eco offers wind turbines that convert kinetic energy from wind, into electrical power that is best for offshore remote sites

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